Three Certifications for Tech Beginners

Shaquja Clark

How to get into tech: Many may think you have to have a degree in information technology to get a good job in the tech field. There are also certifications one can get as a faster option to getting into the industry. This could be something we share within the first week of the month to give the newbies of the tech world some foundational information on how they can get started. These exams vary between the $125- $350 price range and are about 90 min in length. This is significantly cheaper and less time-consuming than pursuing an entire degree. When first starting with anything, but especially being new in the field, it is naïve to think you may start off making 6 figures. Only knowledge coupled with experience will help you reach that goal.

Here are the top three certifications for beginners:

· ComptiaA+ — This is a certificate that gives you foundational IT skills if you are new to the field. It is a perfect entry-level certificate for careers as a help desk, service center, or networking technician. The certification verifies your ability to troubleshoot and solve networking, operating systems, mobile devices, and security problems. The certification focuses on validating nine major IT skills, including hardware, operating systems, software troubleshooting, networking, hardware, and network troubleshooting, security, mobile devices, virtualization, and cloud computing and operational procedures.


· Comptia Network+ — The certification is designed for junior network administrators, network field technicians, junior system engineers, IS consultants, and network field engineers. It’s recommended for newbies to have and practice with the CompTIA A+ certification for at least one year before taking the exam. The exam verifies your knowledge of configuring, managing, and maintaining network devices, implementing and designing functional networks, network troubleshooting, and network security.


· ComptiaSecurity+ — If you are looking to start a career as a system and security administrator, security specialist. It is suggested to possess and actively work within IT security with a Comptia Network+ certification for at least two years. Covers threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, risk management, architecture and design, technology and tools, cryptography and PKI, and identity and access management. Earning your Security+ certification will show employers you have the skills to install and configure systems to keep applications, networks, and devices secure by compliance laws.


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