How Travis Scott is Making Astroworld a Reality


Travis Scott collaborated with McDonald’s to release his own Quarter Pounder meal. They released a commercial using his brand, image, and tagline “It’s lit!” It was such a popular item that McDonald’s reported shortages of ingredients in some restaurants. After that, Travis did a merchandise drop which included a Chicken McNugget body pillow and uniforms for McDonald’s staff. This is the first celebrity collaboration McDonald’s has done since Michael Jordan in 1992.


Travis has had a deal with Nike since 2017. His sneakers are always sold out at an instant rate while being resold on websites like Stock X for $500 to $1500. He has redesigned iconic Nike styles like the Air Force 1, the Jordan 6, and the Dunk.

General Mills

Travis Scott and General Mills released a limited edition Reese’s Puffs cereal box. It was priced at $50 a box and it sold out in 30 seconds.

Epic Games

During quarantine, Travis Scott teamed up with Epic Games and Fortnite around April to release a virtual live concert. According to Epic Games, more than 12 million players participated in the concert. Along with 27 million players experiencing it 45.8 million times across the five-day extravaganza.


Travis and Sony announced a creative strategic partnership together in October of this year for the Playstation 5 release. Travis offered a sneak peek at “PS5: Unboxing Reimagined, A Travis Scott + Cactus Jack Experience.” He showed off a special trailer created for the event and offered the first real full look at his Cactus Jack Sony Playstation x Nike Dunk Low collaboration.



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