A Word from Nip: Lyric Affirmations to Live By

Deon Egenti

“I been self-made from the dribble”

I feel like everyone has said everything that was needed to be said about the late great legendary Nipsey Hussle. He was a rapper, businessman, philanthropist, husband, father, brother, son, and so much more. Nipsey has touched the hearts and souls of so many people across the globe from his music, interviews, and business ventures. He always stayed true to himself. He was a man of the people. It’s still so weird to be typing this because he should be here right now. He should be here for his family and friends. He should be here for his community. More importantly, he should be here to see how much he has impacted the world. Nipsey has always dropped gems and we will always appreciate that. He always stayed true to his word, his morals, and his values. His legacy will live for an eternity. Thank you Neighborhood Nip. Here are ten lyrics/quotes that stands a testament to this revolutionary artist. The words that will double as affirmations to Hu$$le and Motivate. Rest in Peace Nipsey. The marathon continues.

“If you sharing your success and not your struggle, you’s a fool” — “U Don’t Got a Clue”

People always love to share their success story, but they never want to talk about what it took to get to that success. People want to relate to success stories that have been through the struggle. It gives us more of a reason to keep pursuing our passions. You can’t succeed if you have never failed.

“Spoke some things into the universe and they appeared, I say it’s worth it, I won’t say it’s fair” — “Victory Lap”

Nipsey is talking about the law of attraction, when we speak it out to the universe and work for it. The universe will answer. The marathon, Nipsey’s motto and way of life, comes to mind with these lines. He’s alluding to the fact that life, much like a marathon, is a hard race, with many ups and downs that many can’t handle or finish. But for those that do, there’s no greater feeling.

“I seen it, I thought it, I dreamed it. I said it, I did it, I meant it. I taste it, I loved it, I need it. I want it, more of it, I fiend it” — “That’s How I Knew”

The Laws to The Universe are precise, they are infinite (meaning, they will never change). If you follow and believe in the rules of The Universe… you will NEVER fail.

“I weighed risk and the reward and seen the scale tippin’. Let’s all get on one accord and take the world ni**as. Take the money, take the power and the girls with us.” — “Loaded Bases”

Nipsey Hussle, a self-made man, learned that there was much more to lose living the street life. The influential artist has taken on philanthropic efforts in his community, encouraging black people to come together and invest in black-owned enterprises in order to better the world.

“I’m about seeing long-term, seeing a vision, understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen.”

When you have a long-term goal in life, just know that it might take time. However, if you stick to the plan and believe in yourself, something big will come from it.

“I just believe in ownership… I believe in investing in yourself…Your foundation should be strong.”

You must believe in yourself more than anything. Self-confidence is key. Make sure to always motivate yourself no matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life. Your brand is who you are at all times. Have faith!

“And it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce.”

If you’re great at what you do, you should put a price on it. It’s all about knowing yourself and your worth. You should be able to make a living off the work you put out into the masses, while staying true to self.

“We playing the long game. We don’t want the money to stop when we go. When we can’t work no more. We want it to outlive us, we want it to be generational”

For black people, generational wealth is so important. When we say generational wealth, we’re not just talking money. We’re talking about our business ventures, platforms, properties, and so much more. We want that to continue for generations.

“We got turned down, we failed, had setbacks, had to start over a lot of times. But we kept going at it. In anybody’s case that’s always the distinguishing factor.”

You can’t succeed if you have never failed. It’s as simple as that. There’s always going to be obstacles and roadblocks towards your journey. However, always remember that it is not the end. It’s only the beginning. Keep going.

“The best thing you can do for a person is to inspire them. That’s the best currency you can offer: inspiration. So, when a person can rely on you for that, that empowers them in every realm of their life. Being inspired. It empowers them in their relationships, in their business, in their art, in their creativity. It empowers them because without inspiration, you’re dry.”

You can be the leader to inspire a generation. You can be the leader to inspire your community. You can be the leader to inspire the world. Nipsey was a leader that sparked change within his surroundings and made people better because of it. He was influential to many people. An inspiration in everyone’s eyes. He was the hero that we needed, because he inspired the hero in each of us.

“If it was me, I would tell you, “Ni**a, live your life and grow””
The Marathon Continues
Rest in Peace Nipsey

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